Thursday, January 2, 2014

Out of Words

It has been a very 'wordy' holiday. I believe that I am spent.

I just went and scribbled down the comings and goings around here over the course of the past few weeks ... and it is a blur. I scrolled down the names on the phone's call display and that doesn't even begin to count the outgoing calls that I made.

I have been out and about. I have been talking and listening. I have been hosting and have been hosted. My mind has not been quiet for quite some time.

I came home and closed the door last night and I felt very anxious inside. I couldn't put a finger on why I felt so 'off'.

I woke up this morning and had no desire to crawl out of bed. I just want to hibernate for a little while.

I have three more holidays left. My back-to-work life begins on Sunday. At this very moment in time I do not feel ready to face reality.

I may crawl up on a couch and lose myself in a whole lot of nothing today. I think that a few quiet days will cure what ails me.

My words have all been spent. I am going to sit still today and be quiet with my thoughts. I'll be back when the words start spilling over again.

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