Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sometimes ... I Just Like to Sit Back and Enjoy the Stars

It is hard to jump back into life after a holiday, a change from the norm or a great life transition. Yesterday was a day (a little bit) like that as I opened my door and my world walked right back in, without missing a beat.

I could not help but think of those who have gone through a season of change and how rudely 'life' expects them to keep on going on. No matter what.

It seems hard and unjust at first ... until you think about it.

Thankfully the world does keep revolving and once a person takes that first step from that state of paralysis, I believe we welcome the fact that we do have a world that is waiting for us.

Hard things must be faced, dealt with and put behind us. Little things continue to add up in our absence. When we are ready, life is sitting at our feet waiting for us to take that first step.

The first step may be hard. But it is necessary. We may need to sit back and wait before we are ready, but once we start moving in a forward direction the momentum helps to carry us to the next hard thing.

We are stronger than we think. More resilient than we want to believe. And we must believe in silver linings and have the ability to find a spark of light within a dark tunnel.

... “Without the dark, we'd never see the stars.” ~ Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

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