Thursday, January 9, 2014

To Dance or Not to Dance

I was out and about running errands last night and I found my way over to a friend's house to drop off a book.

It was a completely out-of-the-ordinary task that put me in a place that I have been only twice before. And while I was there, she received a phone call from someone who had just called my home and left a message for me. He then proceeded to call my friend and found both of us at the same place, at the same time when he wanted to speak with each of us. 

To offer full disclosure on the above mentioned coincidence, all three of us are connected by the dance studio. So it is not a completely random set of events. But still. One person calls two others offering a random act of kindness and finds both parties at the other end of the phone line. Pretty serendipitous, would you not say?

The offer is one of 'Technique Dance Classes'. Ten lessons in ten weeks (I missed the first one last night because I was running out and about). What to do? What to do?

The fact that this gift has been bestowed upon me should have me kissing the ground and praising the Gods and being ever-so-grateful.

The reality is that I am not too hung up on the intricacies of of dancing. I simply want to dance. Dance like no one is watching. Moving to the music and swaying to the beat and just following my own heartbeat. I don't really care about the technique aspect.

The other fact is that my feet ache when I think of one solid hour of technique class in my dance shoes. Granted, I have some jazz dance shoes that I could wear for the occasion but my feet still hurt when I think of dancing and learning. Dancing and having fun is a whole different matter. It is pain with a purpose. 

The saddest part of all is the fact that I do not want to pry myself out of the house once a week. I love my quiet after-daycare-hours at home. I live for them. I sleep through them.

And this last fact is the one that makes me think that I really need to do this. I need to pry myself away from solitude, sleep and 'easy'. I need to start to surround myself with people, activity and challenge. I may prefer to be in a Zumba class but maybe this is a good place to start. Within an environment that brings out my inner happy and around people that I enjoy doing something that I do love to do. 

To dance or not to dance? That is the question. The answer would be so easy if it was 'just' dancing. I am still pondering that question as my daycare day must begin ...

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