Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dancing My Way Back Into Living

Last night, I attended a group dance class. I was the 'new girl' in the class. Everyone else was familiar with each other and I was the one that didn't belong.

I was the quiet one in the corner (actually, I was standing against a wall) ... but I was not ignored.

Suddenly I was reminded that this is what was so magical to me, about the dance studio.

I started dancing about sixteen years ago. I was immediately invited to join the group classes.

It was daunting to me at the time. I saw the interactions of the group around me and I longed to belong. I stood quietly on the sidelines and I was invited to become part of the whole.

People were wonderful to me. And to each other. As weeks progressed into months and the months into years, I felt a sense of belonging.

As time went on, I was no longer the quiet one. I was one who approached the new person.

A person does not tend to forget how it feels to be on the outside, looking in. Life has a way of presenting itself in a fashion where you can give back, what you have once received. It felt good to be invited into the dance community within this studio. It felt even better to be on the giving end of that cycle.

I fell out of the dance world in a quiet, unremarkable way. I gradually stopped going to group classes. Eventually I even dropped out of my private lessons. But I will never forget the magic that I found within those studio walls.

When I was asked to join this particular group class last night, I did not have a moment of hesitation. "Of course, I could come!"

The only moment of stress arrived when I realized that I had to dress for the occasion and my wardrobe feels slightly lacking these days. And I was having a bit of a bad hair day.

I did the best, with what I had and I walked up the stairs to the studio. I had not even walked through the studio doors, when I struck up a conversation with the stranger-who-would-be-my-dance-partner for the evening. And I forgot everything else in the world.

I walked through the doors and found my way through the evening. It was easy. And it was good. It was only upon reflection, that I saw the cycle that started to repeat...

Suddenly, I was on the receiving end again. I felt safe. I felt good. I was back in a world that has brought me nothing but joy.

The good news? Is that I have been invited to go back. And I will. It felt good to hop back into that community of comfort and joy.

The magical allure of dancing has once again brought me back to a place I enjoy. Maybe I need to dance my way back into living ...

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