Saturday, March 29, 2014

Grateful. Just Grateful.

Anxious. In a word, that is the feeling that I feel inside of me at this very moment.

I have to leave the house today. All day. The moment I take a step out of the door, momentum will carry me through the day and it will be a good one. It always is.

But I will be ever-so-grateful to walk back inside of my sheltered little life at the end of this day. I always am.

I am grateful for this life I am living.
I am thankful for the opportunity to work from home.
I am content with all-that-I-do within my work, life and home.
I am at peace within myself and my relationships with those that touch my life.
I am gratified with the obligations that I have set out for myself - doing hard things makes me happier.
I am happy with the week I just spent - it was as if pixie dust was sprinkled on our days. Life was easy this week.
I am satisfied with the way I rolled within my daycare world this week. More patience, more appreciation, more joy. A person tends to find what you are looking for a lot of the time. Look for the greatness within the moments and the minutes and hours take care of themselves.
I am grateful for the struggles that I have endured, for they help me feel for what my friends are going through. I cannot change a thing, but I can shoulder some of the load and listen. It feels like so little but sometimes it is just enough.
I am excited to anticipate where I will be one-week-from-today. I will be sharing this day with my mom, two sisters, my brother, my sister-in-law, my aunt and my cousin. Eight separate lives shall merge into one day. When I think of how tenuous that thread is (that is drawing us all together at the same place at the same time), I am amazed that all seems to be working itself out and our weekend shall continue to go forth as planned.
I am also grateful that I set my alarm to remind me that I must go now. I must run. I'll be back...

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