Monday, March 24, 2014

Waking Up on the Right Side of the World

I woke up on the right side of the world this morning.

It could have gone either way because I woke up an hour before my alarm went off, to sounds from the kitchen.

I could have closed my door and been oblivious to the world outside of it but it felt more important to give my Senior Cat the opportunity to come in and sneak up on my bed while I was sleeping. He hasn't been as cuddly as he was before he got sick so each and every time I find a piece of him returning, I cherish it that much more.

I may have lost five minutes of sleep. I felt like I lost an hour. But it didn't matter.

I woke up to happy music. "Best Day of My Life" and "Wake Me Up" were a part of my early morning wake up call. I sat down to read my favorite blogs and found "Happy".

As I made my way toward the bathroom I found both cats waiting at the door for their morning fountain experience. The drizzle of fresh water from the bathtub tap makes their day. Watching their enthusiasm for running water makes my day.

I wandered back into the kitchen to make my second cup of coffee and the sun was already starting to rise! It was not yet 6:30. Spring is coming! Spring is coming!!

The light is now streaming through the closed living room blinds (it is not yet time for my Daycare Day to begin so I am not quite ready to invite the world into my time limited quiet zone).

I have a lightly choreographed agenda for the week ahead. A few ideas to change up my Daycare Family's days. A small goal with The Book Project. I have a plan-of-attack for the upcoming week.

My world may turn on its axis tomorrow, next week or even later on this morning. But for now, I have the soundtrack of my morning playing in the back of my mind.

Please be gentle on us today, World. It is a brand new week. Possibilities are endless. But we are limited as to how much we can take on at one time.

I hope the day is kind to you...

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