Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I am appreciating this state of 'limbo' going on right now. 

I am not doing, going or accomplishing much of anything at all. But I am simply sitting back and enjoying my world.

Waking up on a Sunday morning and finding my two favorite furry friends beside me ...
... snuggled up (almost) together!  
My room-with-a-door was beckoning to me and Senior Cat wanted to come in but was not relaxed enough to stay. So ... I brought out his favorite red blanket. He stayed:
Then Junior Cat joined us. Gilmore Girls and my two favorite kitties. Does it get any better than this??
 Then I believe that Junior was trying to show me some yoga stretches to unkink my back, neck and shoulders. I think he was a yoga instructor in a previous life: 
Yes. My brain is empty. I am feeling fulfilled and filled with Cat Joy. These furry little critters simply make me smile. At nothing. And at everything. 

That is all. I am simply going to continue coasting for as long as I am able. This too shall pass away ...

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