Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Night Blogging 1.0

This is my first instalment of night-blogging. This is a novelty. It feels a little bit fun. I feel like my fingers could say more than I want them to say. But I'm just going to roll with it. Shall we do a little night-blogging without editing, just to be fun? I am feeling tired as I wrote that. This may not take long ....

First off, the idea to write in the early morning was a good one. The only bad thing was that I needed to do some troubleshooting before I started. My word program shut down and I had three 'repaired copies' to deal with. This sounds tedious and boring. Trust me, it was. I was fifteen minutes 'in' to trying to properly save only ONE copy of one of the three documents that had been repaired (zzzzzzz ... if I am not falling asleep, anyone out there who may possibly read this is most likely dozing off now).

Okay. Writing at night may not be a good thing. I just deleted a paragraph and the paragraph preceding this one doesn't sound worth saving either. I just kept it in because I thought something about all of those zzz's was amusing. Yes. I am tired.

Today was 'a day'. I am not proud of the way I handled things. I am losing the battle with my one-year-olds and I am not sure how to get the upper hand. I have never been done in by someone so young before. The children are taking over my home. I am afraid. I am very afraid ...

The count down is on for our sister/aunt getaway to join our brother/sister-in-law/Mom/and cousin. Oh, the fun we will have! My fun starts tomorrow at supper time. My sister is coming for supper and sleeping over so we can get an early start the next morning. Then ... we pick up my aunt. Then my other sister.

Approximately six or so hours later, we will arrive at Mom's. On her birthday. I love how this all happened to come together on her birthday. It wasn't orchestrated to happen. It just did. It was meant to be.

There will be a birthday supper event. There will be much visiting. I can hear the laughter already. I can feel the good, positive vibes emanating from our group. I don't have high hopes ... I just know how things usually play out whenever we get together. There is the language of family that transcends all. And it is good.

The following day, will be the icing on the cake. Mom wasn't too interested in the dinner theatre part of the weekend (thus, we invited our aunt along so that they could have their own quiet evening of visiting without us loud 'kids' interrupting their conversation), so all of us siblings, plus our sister-in-law and cousin are not only going to a dinner theatre together, but we have reserved a hotel room across the street from our evening's entertainment and will be able to fully relax, have a drink or two and no one has to worry about driving.

The theatre was our excuse to get together and do this. But I do believe that it is all the visiting before, during and after the 'main event' that is what I am anticipating the most.

Okay. This night-blogging thing isn't sounding like the best idea at the moment. I stopped typing quite some time ago and I have been staring at the last words I typed, completely lost in thought as my fingers stopped moving at the same time as my eyes.

Suddenly I don't have a thing more to say. Or think. And I am considering deleting this post in its entirety but I think I will leave it, just to see how it sounds in the morning. Perhaps if I didn't write so much about writing this post, it may have had a chance.

On the other hand, I am sitting here thinking of things that are not on my to-do-list, that should be. So I shall add them here, since I have a computer at my fingertips and my to-do-list is in the living room.
  • email my cousin
  • confirm hotel reservation
  • recheck what we need to get into the dinner theatre
  • check the car's antifreeze level
If this is not the most inane, disjointed post ... I don't know what is. I am sorry. Things can only get better, right?

See why my Book Project is not getting written at night?


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