Monday, April 21, 2014

The Frailty of Life

Sadness prevails once again ...

This is happening far too much, far too often and touching far too many people within my little world.

People are getting sick. Going to the hospital. And not coming home.

I remember back in the days before Dad had his massive heart attack. It was a time when I thought that living and dying were black or white. You lived or you died. If you lived, you got better. I hadn't lived through living without getting better before those days.

These days? It is not as simple as living or dying. Living with illness or after your body has been dealt a debilitating blow is hard. It is hard for everyone. You may lose the essence of the person you have loved but their physical body remains.

Who am I to say what is harder? It is all hard.

I know that I wasn't ready to lose Dad. Not losing hope immediately because he remained breathing and his heart started beating again softened the blow but the long term effects were lasting.

I went to visit my aunt yesterday. I was not fully aware of the walk that her and her family have walked this past week. I was as naive as I was when I was a child and thought that Dad would get better and come home again. It was not Dad's destiny. Nor is it my aunt's ...

My aunt is just over a year older than my mom.

It is all hitting home these days. My friend's sister who was admitted into the hospital last week and not strong enough to endure the surgery she needs to save her life. Another friend's dad who has been in the hospital for close to a month who is not well enough to return home. Close friends and family have faced too many losses this year. It feels like an epidemic ...

I am not particularly enjoying this particular phase at this age and stage of my life. It is a time where I am reminded of the frailty of the human condition on a daily basis.

It is not altogether a bad thing to be reminded of. But I feel that I have learned my lesson. Can we please lay off for a little while now?

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