Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wet Dish Rag Thoughts

I feel a little bit like a wet dish rag this morning. Not a lot of words spinning around in my head, not a lot of enthusiasm or gumption. I keep typing words then backtracking and erasing them. I don't know where my thoughts are headed but I think I'll just let my fingers wander the keyboard and see what they have to say for themselves...

I think that I am feeling the effects of 'the weekend past' right about now. I was interacting and around people for three days. That is a lot of socializing for a hermit like me. I think that I just wore myself out. Talking, thinking, laughing, planning. It all adds up.

I packed along my little computer for our little getaway. I am used to having unspoken words within me and I purge them here daily. Not so much this past weekend. All words were used up and spent. There are a few times that I wish I would have spoken fewer words but all in all, the speaking to listening ratio was pretty decent.

I started typing the words "I am not happy with my Daycare Provider Self" these days and then my fingers wandered off to research ideas to make this work better. I really need to find a friend for my 2 1/2 year old little girl. There is a part of me that believes that I need to become 'more of who I am' before I will attract new families into our world. Another part of me wonders if I should license my daycare to attract those who cannot afford to pay the full cost of child care. Another part of me wonders if I need to find a way to be more proactive and 'market' myself better. Another part of me is just tired ...

I woke up from a dream where I was guilty of overspending. Thankfully it was a dream and my excessive spending in real life does not compare to that which was happening in my dream. I know that my subconscious mind is concerned about my new and unimproved spending habits. I thought that there was a saying "Spend like you have the money and the money will follow" but I think I was wrong. I think that the saying is "Do what you love and the money will follow". Either way, I seem to be relying on the "... money will follow" part of that saying. And so far? It seems to be working for me. Go figure. It is a new spin on financial planning that I never read about in all of those financial planning courses I took over the years.

My mind has been all over the map this morning and I cannot even contain my thoughts. I seem to be in a do and go mode. I have readied our home for the Daycare Day ahead of me. I have made notations as to how to make this "... and the money will follow" continue to come true. I have been strategizing between the lines of this post and I am quite sure that there is not one cohesive thought that has ran through from beginning to end.

I think this wet dish rag feels like it has now been wrung out. I think I'll be all right when I dry out.

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