Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Caring is Better

Who knew that not caring could take so much energy?

I allowed myself to be consumed by the negative and as hard as I tried, I simply couldn't let it go. I talked myself down. I wrote a little. I talked a little. I diverted my energy into other areas of living. But the dregs of one comment brought me down.

So I pouted. I didn't think I was pouting until I looked back upon the day. But I was.

I felt defeated. So I gave up trying. For a day.

Then yesterday dawned and I lived the day the way that I wanted to live it. Without concern about criticism. I immersed myself in all-things-daycare and just did my best.

I was not perfect. But I was better.

I ended up working at my bookkeeping job last night, which meant that I had a bazillion (okay ... maybe only five or six) things to squeeze into the hour that my daycare family napped.

And I did it!!!

I made more use out of that ONE day, than I have out of a week lately.

Immersing myself in my day, keeping busy and involved and caring energized me.

If ever you think that you don't have the energy to care ... think twice. Caring is life affirming.

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