Thursday, May 15, 2014

Frittering Away the Time

Here I go again. Frittering the little bit of time that I have before my Daycare Crowd descends upon my day.

I love the songs that I am waking up to these mornings. I have woken to the song "Happy" more times than I can remember, followed closely by "The Best Day of My Life". This morning, I awoke to a jaunty tune. I immediately visualized encouraging my Daycare Family to dance along with me to this fun song. The name of the song? "Wake Me Up". What a fun and bright morning line-up.

The next order of business was to roll out of bed and make it up. Junior Cat has found a new, fun game that he enjoys playing each morning. It is called "Stalk and Chase (the bed covers as the bed is made)". He literally stands on the top of my quilt and I make the bed under his feet. Lots of fun. Except today he forgot the first rule of that game. He must be standing on the quilt. Not the sheets. Most especially not on the side of the bed that I am trying to use as my exit. He stood there like a door and chose not to move as I made my way toward him. I literally had to push him off the bed to get out. Actually, I'm surprised that I didn't just get up out of the other side of the bed. I guess my Cat Etiquette is off a notch today.

All went pretty much according to plan until I decided to print off my credit card statement before I headed into the writing portion of the morning. Junior Cat will wake up out of a sound sleep, from the opposite corner of the house if he hears the printer start printing. Our new printer has a nifty new feature. It automatically prints in 'duplex' which means it spews the paper out and then it sucks it back in, to print on the opposite side of the page. Junior Cat stalks this paper like it is his prey. This morning, in his successful (??) attempt at hunting the paper, he jammed the printer. I had to turn off and unplug the printer, turn it on its side and figure out how to remove the bottom so that I could retrieve the jammed paper. "I didn't have time for this, this morning!!" I said angrily to Junior Cat. He didn't care.

By this time, I had less than a half hour at my disposal.

Yesterday our Daycare Day was off. Really off. One child was off his game and into trouble each and every time I turned my back. Another child needed a little personal space and did not get it because a third child was glued to her side and quietly and subtly and consistently driving her a little bit batty in the process. The fourth child looked, acted, smiled and was quite angelic in her demeanor. Then she would turn to the first child I mentioned (who is really not himself this week) and simply push him over. Each and every one of them fed off this negative energy and it festered and grew. This went on all day.

It was a very long day.

Today, my new family is back (for the first time all week) and I am so excited because we really, really need the diversion and fresh energy they bring into our home. It is going to be a busy day. But busy is better than what we endured yesterday.

I should be working on a little bit of bookkeeping before my children arrive. I should be polishing up and sending off some more columns. I should have my slate clean and empty so that I can focus on my day-at-hand. But here I sit. Writing. Drinking coffee. Savoring the peace and quiet. Enjoying the moment. Frittering away my time.

Tonight, I have plans to meet up with some friends, go out for supper and see my favorite musician/entertainer (Jeffery Straker) perform. I cannot wait to be sitting in the middle of this much anticipated experience.

But first ... I have a day to fritter away. I'm sure that I will do it with finesse. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. If I remember. Onward!

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