Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Can See Clearly Now

I have three pairs of glasses that I wear on a rotational basis each and every day.
I have my progressive lens bifocals to guide me through the day. I can see near and far but looking at the computer screen through the reading portion of my glasses is very hard on my neck.

So I have a pair of computer glasses that I wear when I am at the computer for an extended period. I would be lost without them. Each time I transition from my Daywear Specs into my Computer Glasses I can almost hear an audible sigh of relief from my eyes. It is so relaxing to be able to sit and read without taking the extra energy required to focus.

When I go to bed, I wear an older pair of wire framed glasses that are durable (and a little bit flexible) enough for me to fall asleep in them (without breaking them). I call them my Sleepwear Pair. My last pair of Daywear Glasses broke prematurely (before my perscription changed or 10 years, whichever comes last) and I assume that falling asleep wearing glasses aided and abetted this early demise. So I have chosen to wear an old pair when I go to bed (I have developed the nasty habit of needing to fall asleep by watching TV - honestly, I don't need glasses to see in my dreams).

Fast forward to this morning.

I sat down at the computer and put on my Computer Glasses. My eyes didn't sigh with relief with the transition into my different specs. I was quite saddened with this new development. Aging. Sigh ... nothing stays the same.

So I adjusted my head and squinted and made do with the glasses at hand because I knew they should work. I must simply be tired.

I sat here for the better part of an hour. Then I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I am surprised that I noticed anything besides the way my hair looked and my tired, aging face. And yes, I took a double check at the 'smile lines' (scowl lines??) that are etched into my skin because Mom told me she (finally??) noticed them yesterday (they have been there for years). Nope. They hadn't changed for the worse. They are still just as bad.

Then ... something caught my eye. It was my glasses.

I was not wearing my computer glasses after all!! Somehow, my computer glasses got moved into the spot where my nightwear glasses live. And I hadn't noticed. How my night-time glasses got moved into my computer glasses case, I will never know (obviously, I did it). And I really don't care.

Because the moment I switched glasses, the magic was back. My eyes sighed their happy sigh of relief. They focused on the computer screen and I didn't have to strain my neck or eyes or brain to try to focus on the words before me.

I like it when life's problems are so easy to solve. Now if only it was that easy for my neck....

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