Friday, May 30, 2014

Looking for Mr. Goodpillow

No, I'm not in search of a man. I am desperately seeking a new pillow and the turn of the phrase "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" was on the tip of my fingertips.

Many years ago, in a faraway land I stumbled across the Pillow of My Dreams. I could nuzzle my head into the pillow and this naturally created a 'pillow' of support for my neck.

My back was perfectly aligned and sleeping became my most favorite thing. When you can sleep comfortably, life is good. It is very good.

This pillow was feather-filled and I just had to know that days, weeks, months and years of plucking feathers off of me, my bedding and the surrounding area would not bode well for the effectiveness of my life saving pillow.

Finally ... it happened.

All of the plumping and rotating and realigning of my most favorite pillow stopped working. I bought a new feather pillow. I thought any feather pillow would work. I was wrong. This one was all wrong.

After many restless nights, I tossed that pillow onto the spare bed and went back to my favorite.

Many months later, I took another risk. After carefully feeling out all of the pillows on display, I chose the pillow that I thought best imitated the pillow of my dreams.

That was a month or so ago. I failed once again. I went back to my standby pillow.

Nights turned into weeks and my neck was becoming more and more upset with the idea of sleeping. Night after night, I replayed the same sequence of events. Night after night, I became more and more uncomfortable.

Insert Definition of Insanity (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results) here.

Finally ... last night I ditched the idea of sleeping on any feather pillow whatsoever. Ahhhhhh. Success! At last!! My neck was ever-so-much-more pleased with my pillow choice.

My search for a Perfect Pillow must continue. Last night's choice was not ideal but it was ever-so-much-better. I know that there is a pillow out there for me. I just know it!! I will keep looking until I find it.

You may not be able to find the spare bed underneath all of my aborted missions but I will not give up! I hear a store named Sleep Country calling my name. How could a store with a name like that let me down?

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