Monday, May 19, 2014

There's a Kind of a Hush

The house is silent this morning.

I just walked into the kitchen to pour my fourth cup of coffee. Senior Cat was having a drink of water out of the bowl beside the fridge. I opened and closed the fridge door to get the milk for my coffee. Every time the door moved, it brushed his fur. He wasn't phased. He just kept on drinking.

I walked out of the kitchen and returned to find Junior Cat sitting in line for his turn to have a drink out of the same bowl.

He waited. Oh, so patiently he waited.

He didn't push or nuzzle or even make his presence known. He knew there was more (water) where that came from.

I simply stood and inhaled the quiet. The peaceful, soulful existence of my two favorite cats in the world. Their contentment was infectious.

I poured my coffee and turned around to find the scene slightly altered. Junior gave up on waiting. Maybe he was going to go and have a drink downstairs. Maybe he wasn't thirsty in the first place. Maybe he just wanted to sit on the mat instead of the bare floor. Maybe he forgot what he was waiting for. Who knows with a cat?

Junior sat by the back door, faced inwards and looking at Senior. Senior was done drinking and he was faced towards Junior. They looked towards each other but not directly at each other.

"What are they thinking?" I wondered to myself. I stood still and simply watched them. I love their quiet co-existence. The yin, The yang. Youth verses maturity. Energy verses ... lack thereof.

There is a communication between them that is invisible to the human eye. But it is there. Junior is picking up where Senior left off. It is as if Senior has been handing over the torch to Junior in subtle, meaningful ways. Senior is very content with his lot in life. I think he enjoys being on the sidelines and watching Junior's zest for life.

Each knows their lot in life and no one is fighting for the lime light. There is no lack of food, water, kitty litter, spots in the sun or love in this house that they share. No one needs to be King.

It is a quiet partnership. No words, no handshakes, no legal contracts binding them to the life that they have together.

If someone wanted 'out' there is only one door preventing their escape.

Senior still bolts for freedom whenever he can. But he doesn't want to go anywhere once he escapes. He simply wants to breathe the outside air and revisit old memories (and scents and old friends perhaps). He comes right back. In fact I don't think he wants to leave us in the first place. He simply likes to know that he's still got it. The zip, the speed, the pizazz an strategy to elude capture.

Junior continues to be terrified of life outside of our doors. We have no idea of the life that he led before he adopted us as his protectors. I see fear in those eyes of his but I feel gratitude and trust within him growing by the day.

Our home was full, happy and content with Senior Cat alone. Who knew what Junior would bring into our lives? Who knew that there was enough love and attention to go around?

I should have. Because that is exactly how I felt each time I became a mother.

People are so much more complicated than cats. But the basic premise of love, trust, gratitude ... the yin, the yang ... dependence, interdependence and independence throughout the growing years.

It all comes to 'this'. The acceptance, appreciation and enjoyment that I see and feel between our two cats. Love grows in proportion to those you let into your heart.

Open your door and let the sun shine in. Who knows? Maybe a stray cat will find its way in ...

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