Saturday, May 31, 2014


I hope that I never (ever) lose the gift of 'today'.

Today ... I woke up with a mission. It was a small one. But I had one. I had several, actually. I fritter away so very many days. Depending upon how I chose to look upon today, I could easily decide that today was a wasted day. But I choose not to. Not today.

Today ... I gave myself the gift of 'whatever time I needed'. I didn't want to rush through the morning. Morning is my absolutely favorite time of day. More often than not, I feel like I am racing against time. Getting up earlier isn't my answer. It is less about how much time I have and more about not having to be present and accounted for at a specific time. Time rules me far too much. But not today.

Today ... I walked out of the door with a list in my hand and a choice of making one stop or many. I didn't have to do everything on that list. I was in the driver's seat of the day. Literally. I could drive off and do whatever I chose to do. Usually I am ruled by those lists. Not today. Today, my list was a bit more like a scavenger hunt. A game.

Today ... I was hungry. I was in need of good, solid sustenance. Home cooked food. Good reading material. I was craving quiet, nature, food and input. So when I got home, I parked myself on the deck and soaked up the day. I filled myself up with quiet, home and words that are hitting home.
Today ... I sat still. I listened. I watched. I noticed. My life is too noisy, too busy, too fast, too full of kids and responsibilities. I don't sit still and listen to the quiet enough. I sat and watched all of the birds that came to join me in the back yard today. I thought the birds had decided we are too noisy in this yard to come and play here. I was not the only creature who enjoyed the kidless-ness and dogless-ness of today.
Today ... I heard my own heartbeat again. I dreamed a little. I inhaled the day as I lived it and exhaled in equal proportion. I talked to people and I listened too. I hunted (shopped) for food, came home and cooked it over an open fire (the BBQ) and then ate slowly and with intent.

Today ... I turned off the pressure. I utilized my time in ways that fulfilled me. I was primarily in the company of 'just myself' today. And I liked it. I liked it a lot.

I didn't realize how noisy my life had become. Until today. When I sat still and listened to the quiet.

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