Tuesday, June 10, 2014

High Cost of Living Verses the Low Cost of My Daycare Rates

I was just sitting down, enjoying my morning smoothie and coffee as I read this blog post and within the story was the statement that the author made $2.00 per hour, per kid when she babysat when she was 11 years old. Thanks to Google, I could decipher that this was 23 years ago.

This further led me to calculate my hourly daycare rate. Now. Today. As of June, 2014 I am making exactly $2.54 per hour, per kid. And out of this wage, I pay for the extra groceries, supplies, toys, entertainment and house repairs/renovations to accommodate my little daycare family.

According to my wage, it took over 11, ten hour days of babysitting one child to pay for my two new pillows.

I spent two days of one child's daycare income to pay for the garage sale toys that I bought this weekend.

Our take-out meal last night cost half of one child's daily daycare income.

Thankfully, I am now taking care of (almost) four children. That is why I am spending the big bucks buying pillows and toys and take out.

According to my wage, I think that we should be living in the tent that I bought this weekend.

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