Monday, June 9, 2014


I do believe that I finally, finally have found the pillow of my dreams! I purchased a memory foam pillow and have had a very happy neck ever since.

This successful sleep tactic, with the additional epiphany that my neck/back issues are all related to 'waking up in the morning' led me to believe that perhaps I need to rethink my bed as well. If my aches and pains are all happening while I am sleeping, it is pretty obvious where the source of my troubles lie (it never ceases to amaze me how I cannot manage to put two plus two together quicker).

Since the memory foam was working wonders on my neck, I thought about the memory foam that is folded up in a closet (to make our guest's sleep on our futon a little more tolerable). Yesterday, I finally got ambitious enough to unmake my bed and insert the memory foam. I simply could not wait to crawl into bed last night.

Well!!! First and foremost, it is not called 'memory' foam for nothing!

I dreamt like I have never dreamt before. I woke up completely and totally worked up after remembering and reliving my 'school career' days. It was awful. I ended up escaping the clutches of those awful memories and then relived my recurring dream where someone is chasing me and I cannot keep my feet on the ground and I float up past the rooftops to allude capture. I have not had that dream for years. And I had it last night - as I slept atop my memory foam.

Then I dreamt about visiting Dad's 'resting place'. It wasn't his grave but it was something akin to that, that held a box of memories that Mom had carefully selected and tucked away 'with' Dad. We opened the box. And I wept. And I wept. And I wept. I cried harder than I have ever cried in my life.

From there, the dream segued to a scene where I was back in my house-filled-to-the-brim with my daycare family and we were out having a picnic. I didn't make enough food. I needed to use some of my sister's meat because I didn't pack enough any. And I didn't have enough eyes to watch all of my kids (thankfully, I had so many kids they were watching out for each other). I felt like I was reliving my past.

Somewhere in between all of this, I got a diagnosis from Senior Cat's vet and she said to bring him in immediately. His life was hanging in the balance and I had to make a decision that hinged upon spending thousands and thousands of dollars to fix him. Or not.

Memories, memories, memories!!

I woke up this morning thinking "Wow! That memory foam really works!!" Not only did I wake up with a happy neck and back ... I woke up with a brain full of old memories.

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