Monday, June 30, 2014

One Day

Our July 1st holiday lands on a Tuesday this year. Which means that many people may have taken today off of work, in order to get an extended long weekend. Others may have opted to work on the holiday and take today off, so that they could get a long weekend. Yet the majority (I would imagine) quite likely are working whatever is required by our place-of-employment and are either enjoying the holiday tomorrow (or a day in lieu or overtime).

A day is what you make it. I choose to make the most of this midweek holiday.

This means that I must work today. One day, before I get a bonus day off. One day of work is a small bite off of the week. I can handle (almost) anything for one day.

I have my regular Monday Daycare Crowd coming today. It is raining. It looks like it could rain for the rest of the week (at least the day). It is dreary. It looks like an 'inside day' (unless we decide to go out and play in puddles which is definitely an option).

It is only a day. No matter how bad or how good the day is, it will start and it will end. We will segue into the next day of the week ... and that will be a day off! It will be like they cloned a Sunday and they sandwiched a Monday in between two Sundays. Now that, is my kind of Oreo!

I am so looking forward to my bonus Sunday. I know exactly what I hope to do. I will wake up like it is a regular work day. I will go through the paces of my morning. I will celebrate quietly to myself when 7:30 arrives and the day is still mine. And I will write.

Our family book project has hit a manageable level. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have some clean-up to do on some chapters. I have to finish up some research on a few more chapters. I can foresee this taking me through most of the month. Then ... I will be close to the Final Edit stage.

This mid-week holiday is just what I want right now. A lone day, without a weekend attached to either end of it turns it into a day where there are no added expectations tossed into the mix. It is a day that I (selfishly) wish to call My Own.

As if this is not good enough in and of itself, I will wake up the following morning. It will feel like a Monday. But it will be Wednesday already!! The week will be halfway to another weekend (not that I live for weekends or anything....) and I will be faced with an uncommitted weekend at the end of this broken up week.

My bookkeeping hours have hit a very manageable level and I am not working all weekend, every (or even every other) weekend. I am in heaven.

I am headed towards a state of bliss that I call the Goldilocks Zone. That juuuuuust right feeling of the 'right' amount of weekend at the end of a week. My work load has hit just the right balance of Daycare Responsiblities verses Numbers (bookkeeping) verses Creativity (writing). Just enough time for 'me' at the end (and beginning) of each day. Just the right amount of time left over for friends, family and extra-curricular fun. Just the right ratio of income verses expenses. Just a healthy amount of stress to push me where I need to be - not too much (where your heart races and you feel like you are drowning), not too little (where you sit and stare at the television set and lose yourself in nothingness for extended periods of time).

I am happy, but not giddy over-the-top happy. I am simply content in my heart. I can sit still and still be awake to enjoy the sensation (at least for longer than I used to be able to stay awake).

I am giving myself what I need to sustain this level of contentment. By doing so, I have more left over at the end of the day. There is more of me to give.

I have grabbed my oxygen mask and I am receiving life sustaining air. It sounds so greedy, but it is necessary. You can't 'save lives' if you aren't breathing on your own.

Long story short? No matter what holiday you may or may not be celebrating this first week of July, make the most of today. No matter what day of the week it is, within your world. It is just one day. You can do it. Even the hard days are just a small bit more manageable when you take it only one day at a time...

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.
~ Abraham Lincoln

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