Saturday, June 7, 2014


These are just a few of the 'signs' that have been paving my way this past little while. If I was a paranoid soul, I could make this personal and feel unwelcome within this world.

"No Trespassing - Violators Will Be Prosecuted"; 
locked gates;
 "Video Surveillance - Smile You Are on Camera";
 "Open" (without service or a smile)
"Road Closed"
"Closed for Maintenance"
"Closed until 12:00"

My friend and I explored some of the hidden treasures within the countryside last weekend. As we found these 'omens' sprinkled here, there and everywhere throughout our little adventure, I commented that a person with an imagination could really turn our little country road adventure into a mysterious and threatening tale.

Instead, we chose to focus on the friendly dog that escorted us on the first leg of our adventure and the birds that sang and performed for us when we ran into a locked gate.
We zoned in on sights, smells and sounds when the signage and personal presence of proprietors did not open doors to welcome us.

We spent our energy on what was unveiled to us as we rerouted our travels.

I took a walk with my daycare family a few days later and ran into road blocks that turned a simple errand into a small adventure. 

Sometimes we need the 'signs' to be obvious and spelled out for us. Some signs keep us safe and protect the property of others. Other signs are not so obvious.

Like the "Road Closed" sign that stood between where I was at the time and where my son lives. He warned me "You will see a Road Closed sign, but just ignore it. There are some ruts in the road but if you go slow, you will be fine".

I take road closures seriously. Especially when that road is gravel and has several sloughs that come up to (and almost) greet the road. But I listened to my son (after further assurance when I reminded him that I was pretty much terrified of gravel roads on a good day) and proceeded past the closed road sign and tempted fate.

Who would have guessed that the best part of my trip was waiting for me at the end of the road closure?

Life is like that. It isn't spelled out for us with written instructions. Sometimes we have to just follow the road, go with the flow, trust in the assurance that it is going to be okay and forge past the warning. 

Signs can feel foreboding and ominous at times. Full of good fortune and welcoming at others. Sometimes signs are deceiving. The "Open" sign where you find an abandoned establishment. The "Closed" sign that is just a warning. 

Use signage as a guiding post but do not let it make you feel rejected and fearful. You just never know what lies beyond the warning signs until you venture out of your comfort zone and tread carefully.

Life is full of surprises when you open yourself up to following the road set out before you.  

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