Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another New House Concert Experience

Have you ever been just a little bit leery to try something new (again) simply because the first time was so grand that you know nothing could hold a candle to your original experience? Me too.

I accepted the invitation anyway and just trusted I couldn't lose, because I was going to get together with a friend. I looked forward to going out for a cup of coffee at the end of the evening which would wrap up our evening and tie it in a bow. No matter how the evening played out.

Well, the coffee at the end was just as good as I expected it would be. But so was my second House Concert.

Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting the husband and wife duo "Me & the Mrs". They were quietly unassuming (and most likely quite nervous) as they stood before us and without too much of a preamble and introduction, simply started out with a song.

It was like they had to belt out that first tune to get their sea legs and then the banter between the songs started to fill the cracks and you simply could not wait for them to start their next melody.

Each song had a story and I loved how 'Paul' spoke of how his inspiration came and one time he quite literally crammed himself (and his guitar) into the room that was left inside of their car and let the music inside of him come out in his next new song. Then there was the Valentine song he wrote on the sly and surprised 'Heather' on their Valentine's Day performance by singing it 'just for her' in front of their audience ...

I was completely mesmerized by the talent and quiet showmanship of this young couple who appear to fall in love with each other, with each new song.

They ended the evening with a song I wish I could find this morning. It was a little love song that put Sonny & Cher's "I've Got You Babe" to shame. The words, the melody and the sweet way they sang to each other could shoot them to fame if the right person heard it and shared it with the world.

The message I took home with me is: the material things in life are immaterial. Take a good look at the life you are living and look for (and appreciate) the unexpected 'bends in the road' ... remember the days when you had 'nothing' and were the happiest ... and when you find someone who makes your heart sing, sing your song out loud! You just never know who may be listening.

And by all means, if someone invites you to a house concert ... don't look back. Just say "Yes!" and  go!!! (Yes, Brother ... I am talking to you!)

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