Monday, July 21, 2014

Holidays - Day #3 - Monday

I woke up to face a Monday today.

Monday, while you are on holidays are supposed to be the most marvelous day. It is the day to think "Five minutes from now, my work-day would begin. Instead, here I sit in my pj's, with my third cup of coffee and an empty slate before me ..."

That is what I thought yesterday. And the day before. Today? I have two un-roadworthy cars sitting in the driveway (okay, okay ... the one with a dead battery has been stranded in the garage for about a month). Which one would be cheaper to fix? The one I can't move out of the garage ...


Then there is the wasp's nest under the front step. Why did they have to move there?? What will happen if I simply ignore them?

There are phone calls to be made, groceries to be bought, menus to organize and errands to be run. Insert sigh of exasperation here.

I know all that I have to do is take one forward step and each and every one of these minute things-to-do will be done and over with. But the kicker is, I have to leave the house to do so. I don't want to leave the house! Not until Wednesday!! I wasn't supposed to have to leave the house until Wednesday.


Maybe, just maybe ... I could stay home today, if I used the car that shimmies and vibrates if I exceed 90 kph, by driving 90 kph or less throughout my holiday. Who wants to go faster than that on a holiday anyway? Really?? Besides, the car does go 100 kph after it warms up to the idea. I can't remember what happens by the time I reach the highway speed of 110 kph. I think I was at my destination before I reached that point.

It may be cheaper to buy a new car battery for the other car.

I wonder if I can do that on Wednesday??

Even on holidays, Mondays kind of suck.

Excuse me while I go and pretend none of this reality exists. I am going to disappear into my room-with-a-door and pretend it is Sunday. I am on holidays. I am allowed!

P.S. At least my laundry is done...

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