Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm Back in Business!

It had been ten days since my 'irrecoverable error' on our dear, departed computer. The error where I ran a disc when I (mistakenly) thought I was cleaning up my hard drive (or some appropriate techno-jargon) in a last and final attempt to rid our system of a 'bug' it had picked up. I quite thoroughly and completely erased Windows from our antiquated Windows XP computer instead.

My trusty Computer Guy saved the day. We had been talking about the need to update our old computer and I had been dragging my heels. In fact, I was still kicking and screaming "I cannot afford a new computer right now!" when I was trying every trick in my book and broke our old system.

That very day, he ordered the parts for our new computer. He started building it the following Monday. He picked up our old computer and tried to save what was on it three days later. When I heard from him the following day he was quite optimistic that all was not lost. He said that the files were transferring over when he walked out of the house. Yesterday, our new computer was ready to come 'home' ...

It arrived in all of its glory, with all preexisting files, emails, music, photos, scans, documents, garbage and junk fully intact. My brain is back!!

My Youngest Son has been chomping at the bit, very patiently waiting for me to upgrade our computer so that he could play some of the computer games he I just bought for it. The moment our Computer Guy left, he was on the computer. He was still there when I went to bed last night. I had warned him that I had hours of catch-up-work to do once my Daycare Day was over. He was ready, willing and able to hand the computer over to me at any time. But (as usual) my brain and body quickly shifted into shutdown mode at the end of my day. And here I am this morning.

This computer is fast! I am pretty sure it is faster than our old one. But compared to the netbook and my phone, this one is leaving me behind in the dust. In fact, I think my hair is blowing in the wind that this computer leaves in its wake.

I accidentally slept in twenty minutes later than I had hoped to get up but I am pretty sure that I gained those twenty minutes back once I sat down at the computer and it quickly went where I wanted to go. I sped-read through my morning blogs, installed Google Chrome, the weather eye and tweaked a few minor things so that it is just like I am back at our old computer (because I quite detest change, so I do my best to make all-things-new work exactly like a previously existing model). And I am about a half an hour ahead of where I usually am at this point of the morning.

I now have a small pile of paperwork to tend to as I reacquaint myself with my old friend. I have missed you so ...

Now, I am off to tell our new computer just what we have been up to since we last met. This could take a while.

Point of interest: My Middle Son (and his 'family') left for the 'weekend' on the very same day that I crashed our computer. I hadn't heard from him since (just when I was going to call and ask if they had moved out and forgot to tell me, his girlfriend walked in the door, so I knew all was well). Ironically, My Son dropped by for a few minutes yesterday (the same day our computer came back home) and he asked if was like people said it would be (that we would miss little things about living under the same roof after he moved out). I could tell by the way that he asked the question, that his answer was "Not even a little bit!"and I did reply that I felt safer when there was more coming and going (and a few barking dogs) in our world. But upon realizing that the exact same number of days had passed since our computer left us, I could quite honestly say (because I knew that all was well in my son's world) "I missed the computer more!"

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