Monday, July 7, 2014

Seven Impossible Things Before Bedtime

It has been a hard day.

The first hard thing that I had to do was wake up. Normally I don't have a problem with that but this morning, I wasn't really in the mood for it.

I woke up because I had a very disturbing dream around 3 a.m., and never really fell back to sleep. Until the alarm went off.

I went through the paces of the morning but didn't save enough time to blog.

My Daycare Day began and I had two phone calls to make. I did that and felt like I deserved a medal. Instead, I had to continue to take care of my daycare family.

So we went for a walk. I didn't have an imagination today. We walked to the store. Mailed a letter and bought stamps. Made a bank deposit. Bought a few groceries. Then we came home and I made lunch.

I really wasn't in the mood for making food today. But I did. Thank you, Campbells. You make good soup. Adding a can of water and stirring was almost too much for me today. But I managed.

Thankfully nap time followed shortly thereafter. I had to mow the lawn but did not want to start until I was certain that my kids were sleeping soundly. I sat down. I woke up shortly thereafter and got the lawn mowed. It wasn't awful. I'm glad it's done.

Kids woke up and I it was time to find some more food for them. Thank-you to my friend who gave me some homemade muffins yesterday! I felt like a real hero. Bran muffins for snack - what a refreshing (and healthy) change!

The last part of the day was easy. We sat out on the deck and the kids played with water. They were so content. It was the best part of my day.

Then came the really hard part.

The kids left and I still had to provide a supper. I would pick up propane so that I could barbeque some burgers. Yes! That sounded like a plan.

Except I really detest hunting down propane. Our local gas station is closed, so I went to the next closest one. I pulled out the empty propane tank and hauled it over to the propane station. "Out of Service". A sign told me where the (next) nearest propane station was, so I wearily made my way over there.

Honestly, I felt like I had gone out on a hunting expedition and caught my supper. But all I really caught was the fuel to cook it. Same difference.

I am not a fan of hunting and eating my catch. The temptation to pick up some supper on the way home was huge. I cannot believe that I resisted!

I made it home. I cooked our supper. I choked it down and satisfied my hunger.

The day was done.

Except it was only 7:00 and I wanted to do nothing more, than to go straight to sleep.

I have been trying to keep myself awake for the last hour. Writing this blog post about impossible things is simply something to keep me awake until after 8:00.

I see that I made it.

I think it is late enough to go to bed now. Whew! I made it through my Monday.

I didn't accomplish a lot, but I managed to do seven impossible things. Perhaps not before lunch, but at least before bedtime.

Mountain climbing on the weekend must have depleted me.

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