Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ten Reasons I Do Not Want to Live to 100

Dr. Oz's Longevity Checklist got me to thinking. Does a person really want to live to see 100?

My initial reaction was "NO WAY!" Let me count the ways:
  1. I can't afford to work that long. Yes, working is my retirement plan and I honestly don't want to work for the rest of my life, if my life is now just barely half over.
  2. I would not have an excuse to leave a messy or cluttered house. As my life stands at the moment, people would fully understand the clutter. "She has been busy and active - she was doing more important things than cleaning". If I live to one hundred, there would be no excuse.
  3. If I live to one hundred, I will run out of stories. I will bore my friends and family to tears ...
  4. Then again, if I live that long I could outlive far too many people that I assume will be here 'just as long as I will be', or longer. I cannot begin to imagine the feeling of living longer than those I turn to and count on, in my life.
  5. I would probably have to move. I am all for downsizing and keeping life simple. In fact, that very fact may make #2 redundant. I would have an excuse to clean and declutter. Who needs that kind of excuse?
  6. I would have to be able to keep up with technology. I have managed to 'adopt' a new Smart TV, a PVR, a new computer and I am presently trying to upgrade my antivirus protection. My technology skills are almost tapped. If I still had forty seven years left to live, I would have to replace all-that-I-have-just-learned-how-to-use and start all over (I am still figuring out the new cell phone that is now one year old).
  7. I will have to renew my antivirus protection forty seven more times (AAAAACK! I have been fighting with this process for the entire morning on my pathetically slow netbook and the tediousness of this process is exasperating. I cannot do this every year for forty seven more years!!).
  8. Which means, I will probably end up getting a new lap top (another new learning curve) when finances allow.
  9. This blog may go on for eternity! Oh no...
  10. So I will have to change the name of this blog to "Life as I Knew It"
Maybe it's not all bad. What do you think?

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