Friday, July 4, 2014

The Blog Post About Nothing ... and Water

What to write? What to write? What to write ... I wonder silently to myself as I pour my second cup of coffee for the day. I am right on schedule. I should be where-I-need-to-be when my Daycare Family descends upon me in an hour.

I am tired. So very tired. I have no idea why.

I have had after-supper-adult-conversations two nights in a row. We have spent a good portion of our daycare hours outside the past few days. Other than that, nothing is really different. But I am feeling weary this morning.

Does adult conversation wear me out? A conversation where I have to think outside of my own head and talk about something besides birds, planes, manners and 'teaching' little people all day long?

It has been warm enough to fill up the kid's water table the past few afternoons. There is nothing more hypnotizing than watching kids marvel and experiment and play with water.

It is new and a huge novelty. They pour. They dump. They drink. They splash in the puddles that they make around them. It feels like a no-rules zone because I have not had to stop them from doing anything they have wanted to do with this new 'toy'.

It has been wonderful to simply sit back and watch. Not teach. Not preach. Just watch (and I watch intently, with no other distractions because I do not trust children and water together, as far as I can't see them).

It has been rather heavenly to slip into that hypnotic trance at the day's end. Maybe that is why it has felt like such hard work to hold up my end of an adult conversation by night.

My Youngest Son & I chat every night as well. But our conversations are very relaxed and somewhat like staring into the water. We adore and chat about our cats. Trickles of conversation about other things slip into the cracks of cat-adoration, but for the most part it is a most welcome way to wind-down a day.

At the moment, my mind feels like an abyss as I think about watching the moving water as the kids experiment with this new medium. It is very relaxing, but not exactly a mode that propels me into a day with energy and enthusiasm.

I have no spell binding thoughts or revelations within me this morning. I simply have thoughts of relaxation and ease coursing through my mind.

Is your mind too busy? Can you not turn off your thoughts? Try to look for your own 'water source'. Something that turns off the world so that you can give your brain a little reprieve.

Have a restful Friday.

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