Monday, July 21, 2014

The Power of a Phone Call

I love this world we live in!

I picked up the phone approximately four or five minutes ago and crossed three items off of my to-do-list. And I did not have to take one step outside of my home to do so!!

I whined to my brother about my vibrating car in an early morning email. He texted me: "It could be as simple as balancing your tires". His advise on my second car with the dead battery: "Batteries are cheap".

I have a wonderful garage and mechanic at the end of my block. I impatiently waited until 8:00 (8:04 to be more precise - I didn't want to bother them on the stroke of 8:00) to call.

"Can I bring my car [that vibrates] in today or tomorrow? I think it may just need the tires balanced." His answer? "We can do that tomorrow!"

"I have a second car stranded in the garage with a dead battery ..." His response? "That is no problem - you just live down the street, right? I put in a new battery for you. I just don't know if it will be today or tomorrow."

Ta-da!! Two cars 'fixed' - simply by making a phone call!!

Second phone call "Can I pay my bill over the phone?" Her answer, "Sure, I'm ready when you are!"

Suddenly my load feels a lot lighter. And I didn't have to leave the house to make it happen. It is a 'win' every which way you look at it.

It is going to be a stress-less Monday, after all.

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