Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Empty Brain, Empty Room, Empty Thoughts

My mind is an empty slate this morning. I think the Great Canadian Novel could be written here because it feels that empty.

I just now swiped some filmy coating off of a picture. Because it was there. I am seeing dirt once again. Sometimes I even stop to clean it.

Yesterday, I utilized my three hours of solitude during my Daycare Day (morning and afternoon naps) to clean a room. I sat down on the couch at the end of my day (after an evening of keeping a small bit busy). I awoke from the deepest slumber a short time later. I just knew that I had to go to bed. It was 8:45 p.m.

I had an achy-wakey night last night. Hoeing up the sand in the sandbox, in addition to washing a window, a blind, a floor, moving a little bit of furniture and vacuuming must have been too much for me. Small steps. Rome wasn't cleaned in a day. Nor was it cleaned by someone who deleted housecleaning off of their things-to-do-weekly in and around four years ago.

Visions of cleaning out the garage are filling up the emptiness in my brain right now. Oh no! I don't want to start writing about my Housecleaning Adventures again ...

My Middle Son, His Girlfriend and their Two Dogs have officially moved out. All that is left is one small box of items left on their desk and some dirty oil in an oil pan in the garage. They kindly donated a bed, a couch and a desk so the (freshly painted) room they left behind has officially become whatever we want it to be. An office? A spare guest suite? A work out space? A remote and quiet TV watching room? A rental suite (No! I am not quite ready to share our home quite yet!)?

I sent out an invitation to 'fill that room' for an up and coming family event and I do believe that I got a "YES" as a response.

I have much to do before our guest suite takes on its first guest. Some of which will involve a little more cleaning. But mostly, I have a book to write and that is what shall fill the crevices of my mind. Later.

In this moment, I must take this empty brain and write my mom a letter. Oh dear. That could be 'interesting'...

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