Friday, August 8, 2014

Little Thoughts on a Day (that felt like most any other)

Here I sit, with thoughts of yesterday echoing in my mind.

Were they deep and insightful thoughts? Not a bit. They were more like "Man! I'm hot!!" (I was pushing a double stroller as we walked an 'uphill both ways' marathon to the Fun Factory forty five minutes away). And "Boy, I hope these guys sleep good this afternoon!" as I cooled down and re-hydrated in the hour that followed. Followed by "Let's just stay inside and be 'cool'!" after my two little-ones inevitably woke up soon thereafter.

These thoughts were preceded by light and easy thoughts of a short interaction with one of my previous daycare family from yesteryear. I started taking care of her and her brother when they were in pre-school. She is now (soon to be) starting her second year of university. She works at the indoor playground that we went to yesterday. It was so light and easy to touch base with someone that I have known that has grown in and out and beyond my daycare. And she is going to become a teacher! I'm so pleased for her.

After my daycare day ended, it was all about going through the paces of doing-what-had-to-be-done around here. Clean the cat litter - check! Make supper - check! Update our daycare blog - check! Have a refreshing and cooling bath and 'wash off the day' - check!! That about covered it.

Except I talked with my mom in between the time my daycare day ended and I started checking off the boxes of that-which-I-do-before-I-go-to-sleep.

There is concern in her voice when she talks of her sister. That sentence is loaded. Thankfully she was able to talk with her sister several times yesterday. I think these conversations concern and reassure her at the same time. My heart is heavy when I try to put myself in Mom's shoes.

There has quite simply been so much loss in and around our lives lately. I cannot seem to stray too far from that thought before it comes up from behind me again. And again.

Our little thoughts from our day-to-day living seem so trite and meaningless sometimes. But within those small, predictable and trivial thoughts there is deepness.
  • I was hot - because my body had the ability to go on a 'marathon walk' with my two little ones.
  • I appreciated the quiet time - because we had a busy, fun-filled morning.
  • We savored the coolness within the house thereafter - because I just happen to be fortunate enough to have air conditioning (and a house to shelter us from the elements).
  • I had a short but meaningful exchange with a girl I once babysat - I am making a small difference in the world - simply by showing up every day and doing what I do.
  • I have a small list of things-to-do before I feel ready to call it a day - my life has direction and purpose.
  • I talked with my mom - and I know her well enough to have heard (a little) of all that she was not saying.
  • There has been such a great deal of illness and loss in and around those who touch my life lately - I consider it a gift to know people well enough to walk by their side during a time when they simply need a friendly ear.
Even the days that are filled with nothing special, are really quite special when you think about it.

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