Friday, August 29, 2014

Six Minutes

I have six minutes until my self-imposed deadline before I have to get ready for my day. I shall use those precious minutes to think grateful thoughts (when in reality, all I am thinking is "I wish it was Saturday").
  • I get to work. Doing what I choose to do. Where I choose to do it from. How I choose to do it. I am my own worst enemy when I choose to believe what I do and how I do it is not enough. But it is all a choice!
  • I am tired because I have been busy, surrounded in friendship, family, people and doing what I choose to do.
  • I wake up to an amazing life. Each and every morning. This morning (as it is most mornings), Junior cat jumped up onto my bed and did his walk-about (around the top of my head) to invite me into the day. Eventually, I chose to join him.
  • The power is on, the cable, television and internet connections are all working. And somehow this makes me lonely for the day and a half we had without our 'connections'. I am feeling just a little too connected these days and do not seem to have the will power to disconnect
My six minutes is up. I should  have been more brief in my bullet point descriptions. I must go live my Friday in the best possible way I can muster.

I am tired. I am ready for a weekend. It will come. It always does.

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