Sunday, August 10, 2014

Writing on Empty

I am not certain if I have words in me tonight or not. I seem to need to sleep on things before I wake up with an excess of words.

It has been a very quiet weekend. I have been enjoying it. A lot.

I have also been on a clear liquid diet for two days and let say just how good Pizza Pops and frozen waffles smell when you haven't chewed on solid food for two days. Pretty divine.

The other thing I have learned is that the second day without food is easier than the first. Then again, perhaps that is because the second day is a little less pleasant to endure for other reasons.

I have not been utilizing eating as a leisure activity lately and I have been driven to eat out of hunger instead of habit (for the most part). I thought this would help me out during this two day fast. Not so much. I have grown quite accustomed to feeding my stomach when it growls at me. It has been quite disappointing to let my vacant stomach down.

I do still use food as my reward though. While working on my Book Project, healthy food choices are part of the routine. I have still been puttering with The Book all weekend but let me tell you - clear soup broth and Jello don't hold a candle to eggs on toast or toasted tuna sandwiches to keep my brain firing on all cylinders.

Apparently I am hungrier than I thought. I can't seem to stop writing about the foods which are high on the list of things-I-will-eat-first when I return home tomorrow. I can already taste the toast that is usually part of my reward after this test is behind me.

I have read and heard talk of the excessive medical testing that we are undergoing these days. I know that some people choose not to go through this preventative testing for their own reasons. I listened and read the arguments and they make a lot of sense to me. I wavered and wondered  - what is my right choice?

I recalled three separate times when benign growths or spots or moles were removed "because they could become cancerous". There was no worry, no fuss. It could become cancerous, so let's get rid of it. Easy.

It is for that very reason that I continue to follow this preventative route. I have no symptoms, I am not in the slightest bit concerned but my own history has proven that a slight inconvenience in the early stages could prevent anything from progressing.

I am not feeding fear here. I am simply going through the paces, just like I get my teeth and eyes routinely checked. It just makes good sense to me to take care of what I have. My body has been serving me very well and I hope that it stays that way if I just keep atop of this preventative maintenance.

Now, if it was only this easy (and affordable) to keep the house and car in tip-top shape ... we all just may live 'forever'.

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