Thursday, September 11, 2014

Scattered Thoughts - A Post About Nothing

My thoughts are as scattered as the toys that get strewn across the living room here some days. There is some semblance of order but at a glance, it just looks like a mess.
A half hour into our day, this is only the beginning
I love waking up to a brain full of thoughts about our family book project. I am frustrated that I can't get up and just run with where those thoughts take me. During the week, I must tend to all-that-needs-tending before my daycare crowd walks in and my ability to think two consecutive thoughts in a row walks out.

Oh well. That is my life. And it is good.

Speaking of my daycare days, something magical and wonderful has been happening here this week. There is an air of contentment within our days that is quite amazing. My little people are growing up (a little bit) and my crowd of one and two year olds will soon be two and three year olds. Almost-two-year-olds are so much fun. The words are coming, they are developing a sense of 'play' (verses seek-and-destroy) and they are just so smart.

Just when I thought my almost-two-year-old was finally, finally listening and following the lead of the others (following the 'rules', even if my back was turned) ... I turned my back (in reality, I stepped into the kitchen to keep my eye on the lunch I was assembling). I walked back into the living room and my little Rule Breaker was sitting on the computer chair, had opened up my email window (and changed its size) had requested a search for "v/l;c"  within my inbox and was playing with my cell phone (which was plugged in and charging, on the computer desk). He then proceeded to break many more rules as the minutes progressed.

This little guy is so smart. I think he is smarter than me. He will not be two years old until the end of October and he is 95% toilet trained. He likes 'privacy' though. I understand and respect this. So ... I walk out of the bathroom (leaving the door ajar, so I can watch what he is doing in the reflection of the bathroom mirror) and he not only 'does his business', but he goes and touches absolutely everything he possibly can touch from his 'sitting position'. Thankfully he does not get off the toilet. Yet.

I have a feeling I may never be able to trust this guy. I have watched over him for over ten months now and he still (basically) does whatever he darn well pleases. He now looks me in the eye before he goes to do something he knows he is not supposed to do. And does it anyway. Willfully. Knowingly. He reminds me of Junior Cat, who has now graduated to the phase of knowing he can scratch on something until I physically get up and start moving towards him. My voice holds no power in this house any more. Aaaaack!!

In other miscellaneous news, my thumbs stopped hurting some time ago and I don't even know when it  happened. I 'broke' (abused) my thumbs when I delivered papers two years ago and they have never been the same. A year ago, my doctor diagnosed my thumb troubles as "arthritis" and referred me to someone who constructed thumb splints for me. My thumbs got worse instead of better and the thumb splints were all but useless. I used the wrist braces I had for my carpal tunnel. I bought "thumb stabilizers" from WalMart. I applied heat. And coolness. And massaged them. I believe I even took a pain killer a time or two. Nothing.

Then suddenly? They are better! All I can think of, is that I started taking glucosamine several (four or more?) months ago. Could that be what made the difference? Or did my body just need to heal thyself? Or did I stop doing something which was irritating them? Who knows? I just know I love when these small things happen. It is another reason to be eternally grateful for this healthy body of mine that just keeps doing what I expect it to do. Every day. How lucky is that?!! I know!!

Other miscellania within this wandering brain of mine ...

... is the fact that I am not as 'rich' as I thought I was a day ago. I checked what I owed on my credit card and compared it to my chequing account balance yesterday morning. And I came up $300 ahead of the game. Wow! Three hundred dollars is (almost) a third of what I owe for our house insurance. I was some kind of happy. I think I skipped.

This morning I thought I had better confirm those numbers. Whoops. If you want to have the illusion of being 'rich', just neglect to add one WalMart receipt to the amount owing on your credit card. I was instantly minus $145.00. Add that, to the fact that I need to buy groceries tonight? And I will owe an additional total of $300.00. Oh well, breaking even is not a bad place to be. I have a month to wrangle up enough to cover the house insurance...

My Youngest Son is practice-driving on a more regular basis now and the indentations on the passenger's (non-existant) brake pads on the floor boards are seeing a lot less use. I even relax. I knew he just needed more driving time to finesse the skills his brain knows but his muscles have not yet memorized. He still doesn't sound in any hurry to get his license though. There is a correlation between not needing a license to go to a job he does not have, nor does he want said job because it would add stress into the equation of homework, assignments and deadlines at school. Nor is he a big fan of wanting (needing) to impress anyone to deem him a fit enough driver to attain said license.

You know what? I think he has it right. He has his entire life ahead of him. To work, to drive, to add bills and responsibility onto his life. Right now, if he wants to devote his time and energy to his schoolwork, who am I to complain? Why add stress to the menu of life any time before absolutely necessary. He creates enough stress for himself by setting his own bar high enough that he has to work for it. The driving will come. In the mean time, I have a spare car. Me. The person who has a house insurance bill to pay, is supporting two vehicles at the moment. How sane is that?

Other than the fact that I changed the side on which I part my hair (hot off the presses - I just tried this last night!), that is pretty much all I have to say.

I have tried my best not to write a post about my book project and this is all I could come up with. Now that I have purged my brain of the minutiae of my day-to-day life, hopefully I have room for something 'big' in its space.

I fear my brain may be empty when this book project is complete. I suppose I may have to do something about that. In the mean time, I shall be content with thumbs that don't hurt, a bank book that always balances to zero in the end, little people who keep my days interesting and new ways to part my hair.

Over and out.

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