Saturday, September 13, 2014

Waking Up the Netbook

I am sitting here waiting for my netbook to 'wake up'. It is a very, very slow starter. It is definitely not a Morning Computer.

When I get really rich, I will replace my existing netbook with a grown up laptop computer. One that can keep up with the various tangents my brain goes on. I hope to adopt a 'morning computer' that doesn't take an hour to wake up, go through its various updates and other miscellaneous behind-the-computer-screen work.

My netbook has been such a very, very good friend to me.

I originally bought it so I could blog my way through my Alaskan Cruise vacation. I was afraid it was an extravagance. I believe I was wrong. I have memories etched in my blog forever, thanks to my ability to write myself out before, during and after that once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

After the holiday, my little netbook got a bit of a break. It was never completely forgotten but it was so pitifully slow that it was quicker to run to a library and check out a book or four and come back home, than it was to Google an answer.

But it was still my friend. I brought it into the quiet areas of our home when it was too 'noisy' out in the land of the living room. I brought it with me if we went away so I could keep writing, reading and keeping my questions at bay (as my best buddy Google is very happy to provide almost me with almost anything I seek out to find).

Then came my Family Book Project.

My netbook became instrumental in helping me piece this book together because it was portable and I was able to bring it with me into my room-with-a-door.

My room-with-a-door vacations with my netbook and piles of family history at my side will go down in my personal history as my most favorite holidays of all time. A holiday where I didn't have to pack, unpack, plan, execute, find a house &/or pet sitter for and I get to sleep in my own bed at the end of each and every day ... is my idea of the perfect holiday. Not to mention the fact that it didn't cost a penny.

My netbook is light and easy to take wherever I go. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles (and if it did have them you may not hear or find them because it takes so long to navigate and seek out its extra features). But this portable little archaic piece of computer technology has enabled me to write whenever and wherever I wish. We have had many good adventures together.

Well, I think my favorite little netbook is awake and ready to go now. We will spend the weekend together so I hope it had a good rest.

It is time to wind down this project called a 'book' and see what else is out in the world besides a room-with-a-door and my little netbook computer.

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