Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Energy to Burn!

Who knew there was actually a little bit of energy and ambition underneath all that was bogging me down lately? Certainly not me.

Dragging out a project over the course of six years is not something I would recommend. Even though I did not (in any capacity) work on this project steady, it was always in the back of my mind. Always.

To jump straight from the completion of that project, into planning a family reunion may not have been the best strategy. But one wouldn't have happened without the other.

I needed a deadline for completing our family's book. So I forced one upon myself. The reunion.

If I was smart, I would have had the book wrapped up several months ago. But I'm not all that wise. I work best under pressure, so I created a little pressure cooker for myself.

Talk about jumping from the pressure cooker into the frying pan (or some such saying) ... that is pretty much what last week felt like.

I tended to all of the high concentration tasks this past weekend. I noticed a shift in my energy levels almost the minute I tended to the two biggest jobs on my list. I wasn't tired any more.

My body has been shutting me down and turning me off like someone out there has a remote control which governs me. I have had little control. I sit down. I sleep.

Not lately (at least, not since Saturday).

I can sit down and stay awake. It is quite amazing.

This shift in energy has me torn. I could really utilize that energy and clean a few corners within the house this upcoming long weekend. Or I could go see my mom.

The dirt is not going anywhere (trust me, I know this because I've been watching it accumulate for oh, about six years). Good driving conditions, good visiting conditions and a long weekend however? They don't all come about at the same time too often. Or in my case lately? Ever.

Funny how hard that choice seemed to be until my fingers wrote it out for me.

I think I'll utilize some of my waking hours to go and see my mom. The dirt can wait. Maybe I should call Mom and see if she is going to be home ...

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