Sunday, October 26, 2014

Looking Forward

What words are left in me at the end of the day? Not too many but I'll see what I can do.

I am getting lonely for my own company. I long to sit still in the quiet of the morning with little more to do than tend to a purring cat. That is exactly where I want to land after the busyness of the next week settles.

Reunion-planning has consisted of planning and scheming; organizing and directing; creating and editing; corresponding and communicating. These past weeks have been full and fulfilling.

But there comes a time where you simply have to say 'enough is enough'. We have done all we can do and now it is time to coast.

I plan on coasting right into next weekend with my feet on the ground and ready to simply absorb the wonder of what I anticipate is going to be a most memorable weekend.

I am afraid to set my sights high but I feel that I won't be disappointed. I have few expectations other than the expectations I have placed upon myself. I hope I can keep them in check ...

Thankfully, we will be in a venue where basically all we have to do is 'show up'. They will feed us, house us and provide everything we need during the time we spend together.

I have looked after as many little details as I can think of, ahead of time to ensure I don't get wrapped up in minutia and miss the big picture once the big day(s) arrive.

I can't believe it has all come together.

I set a few goals last spring. I am attaining them. I remember becoming hooked on this goal-setting frame of mind and I do hope I incorporate this renewed way of thinking back into my life.

It is invigorating to set your sights on something that is just out of reach. Something you have to work for. Something that feels like a 'job well done' when you attain it.

The secret is to keep looking up and beyond of where you are at.

I long to settle back into the quiet, comfortable life I know so well. But something tells me I will not be quite as easily satisfied as I once was, when I wasted hours upon hours that seeped into days, weeks and months of doing little more than was absolutely necessary.

I don't want to become complacent again. I hope to keep the magic of looking up, looking ahead and looking beyond the moment.

I may have to start small. I will settle for cleaning, to start. Maybe I'll toss in a little painting and home repair just to set the bar a little bit out of reach.

I'll see...

Suddenly, starting another book project sounds rather enticing.

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