Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Packing My Suitcase

I have been methodically dealing with my 'must do' list before our upcoming family reunion. Many things are like 'the book project'. One could keep tweaking and checking and adding and changing for as many days as one is given. But I must tie this up with a bow and let it go. Soon (I just received one more email asking "Is it too late ...").

I brought out my suitcase this morning and placed a few 'must bring' items inside of it. I felt the weight of those items fall off of my shoulders as I dropped them into their allotted spot. A few more worries off of my mind ...

I need to lighten my load so I can go into this event rested and ready to simply relax and go with the flow. No more worries. No more must-do lists.

I know 'good enough' is the motto I must adopt. I know it is time to let go. What I know and what I do are two different things.

Maybe the physical act of packing my bag will convince my brain it is time to stop working and just coast for a day or two.

It is time to relax this brain muscle of mine so that-which-needs-tending has an opportunity to rise to the top.

It is time to sit back and breathe in a day so I can exhale slowly and inhale the memories of this upcoming weekend.

I will pack my suitcase and be ready to go by the day's end. Time to let go and let the experts take over.

Thankfully we are going to a place where I can do exactly that. And I will.

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