Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cat Chat

Last night, my Youngest Son and I spent time just hanging out and enjoying the antics of Junior Cat as he played 'catch'. This went on and on and on... and on.

Please excuse the quality of this video (my camera only works well under natural lighting conditions)

As this scene played out and after it (finally) ended, my son and I just sat on the floor and chatted.

I cannot remember the last time My Youngest and I sat down for some good old 'cat chat'. It is a little tradition that has happened between us without forethought or planning. It is a special time when we just gaze at our cats and little bits and pieces of our day come out as we sit on the floor and admire our little furry critters.

I have been overwhelmed with the book project and reunion planning. My son has been overwhelmed with school homework, assignments and looming deadlines. 

I have looked at my son and saw myself. Too serious. Too focused. Forgetting to enjoy the little moments. Just too wrapped up in his/my own head and forgetting to look up and look out.

Our cats are a most excellent conversational tool in our home. We sit and marvel at their antics the way others may gaze into a fire. They bring us out of our heads and into the moment.

Cat Chat is our bonding time. I have missed it. It was an amazing way to spend an evening.

It feels good to be back...

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