Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Early Morning Thoughts

I love the thoughts I wake up with each morning. I am ecstatic when I allow myself to run with them before afternoon seeps in and steals my confidence.

Yesterday morning I had (what I thought was) a great idea. I ran with it. I wrapped it up. I addressed it. But 'life' did not allow me the opportunity to mail it.

Afternoon crept in and told me it was a silly idea. Why in the world did it sound so good five hours ago? Silly me!

I had talked myself out of following through.

One conversation in the morning stole my confidence. A second conversation in the afternoon gave my confidence back to me.

Perhaps that is the reason I enjoy quiet.

I think, left to my own devices, I (usually) can filter the 'good' from the 'bad' ideas. I like to talk myself down. I don't like to hand that power over to others until I am firm in the direction I want to go.

This morning, I woke up from a vivid dream and simply laid still and replayed the dream before I allowed the day to seep in.

The characters within the dream were an old school friend and an acquaintance from our home town. What resonated within me long after I woke, were the smiles and the absolute sense of 'happy' I felt running into these people-I-once-knew.

In my dream, I invited them into my world and they were so pleased to be asked. I awoke and was reminded of the four and a half decades of my life when I was the one sitting on the sidelines, just hoping to be invited 'in' to someone else's world.

The neat thing about my dream, is the characters within. The first names of my school friend and family acquaintance were the very same first names of the last two people I went out with. Coincidence? Subconscious thoughts? No correlation what-so-ever? Who knows?

I do know it inspired me to reach out to a group of friends I once worked with before my day officially began.

Early morning thoughts take me where I most-need-to-go that day.

Then again, my early brain isn't all it used to be.

Yesterday morning, I looked at the sweater/cardigan combo I had decided to wear for the day. I got dressed and the sweater (which was to go on, underneath the cardigan) was still hanging there. What the heck? I looked down and I had my bra and cardigan on. Nothing else. Thank goodness I saw my sweater still sitting there. What if I had opened the door dressed this way??

Perhaps there is a reason life intervenes and helps me decipher the good from the not-so-good ideas that start my day. Perhaps there is a reason I should have a mirror reflect what I am putting out into the world. Perhaps there is a reason for every little thing that takes us where we are destined to go. Perhaps I should have stopped writing two paragraphs ago.

Listen to your early morning thoughts. Look at the reflection of what you are sending out into your day. Trust you are where you are exactly where you are meant to be today.

Go out and make yourself smile today. Chances are, you will bring along a friend or two.

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