Friday, November 21, 2014

My Official Plunge Into the Christmas Season

Thoughts of Christmas have been bombarding me this morning. It isn't due to advertising, Christmas music or as a result of being bombarded by all-things-Christmas. It is as a result of reading my good (virtual) friend, Glennon's post 

The Melton Family has all of their gift-buying done by the end of November, to clear up the entire month of December for absorbing the goodness of the season, making memories versus frantically crossing items off to-do-lists and running to the mall.

I read that and thought "I want that too!"

That was three days ago. I have done absolutely nothing to work my way toward that end goal. The end of November is now nine days away. I woke up this morning thinking "I can do it!"

Why not? In this world of on-line shopping and the magic of what-I-can order and create on the computer should make this a walk in the park. Or at least a plunge into a snowbank. I'm not sure which.

Why not try? I can write out my list, check it twice, decide what combination of creativity, out-and-out spending and gift cards can create the gifts I most want to give.

I am not a giver of great gifts. I am a giver of thoughtful ideas.

To me, the gift of words is the best gift I could hope to receive. I want for nothing. I have the means to purchase the necessities of life and when it comes to that-which-is-non-essential, I kind of like the game of playing with all of the what-if scenarios as I bounce ideas back and forth within my head without spending a penny (or a nickel, now that pennies are out of circulation).

So this is the foundation of most of what I give to those I know best.

I need to focus on a few defined 'themes' in order to give what I want to give. Words. It is all about the words to me.

I like to supplement that with gift cards I can distribute on a whim. Gifts which are given with absolutely no intent of receiving something in return are my most favorite gifts of all.

The theme of the year I just spent has been "It's not what my family and friends can do for me. It's what I can do for my friends and family."

It has been a most excellent year despite the heart ache and loss. Knowing what we can lose has made holding onto and making the most of what we have even more special.

And so begins my official plunge into the Christmas Season of 2014. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

And (I can't believe I'm saying this) it feels good.

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