Thursday, December 25, 2014


I am such a child. My favorite Christmas gift of the year was simply a box.


My favorite Christmas song of the season (perhaps forever) is "Sparkle" by Andrea Menard. Every word is magical and the music makes me want to dance.

I couldn't wait to rid the box of its contents so I could imagine the way I could use the box itself. 

Will I fill it with that-which-makes-another sparkle and regift it? 
Will I collect that-which-makes-me sparkle and carefully place these items in this box of honor?

I just know this box will not collect dust within a cupboard or my life.

I think it is important to find the twinkles of light within your soul and nurture them. 

I think the best gift of all is to feel that 'spark' inside of you. A spark which you cannot contain or hold. It is too much. It must be set free and shared with the world.

"It doesn't matter what you believe, your spark's as bright as mine"

"So here's to love, let us sparkle
Here's to love, let us shine.
If one by one, each spark would ignite
we'd sparkle with shimmering light"
Lyrics by Andrea Menard

May your season and year(s) ahead be filled with shimmering light.

P.S. I must amend the first sentence of this post. The box was my second best gift. I just received my BEST gift. Ever. I spoke with my uncle and he sounds so very good today. The journey he is on is a slippery path and with every forward step comes the possibility of 'slipping' back a little. But today sounds like a 'one step forward' kind of day!! He says he thinks he is getting better but added (with a self depreciating chuckle I know well) "Others here may not agree with me".

May your Christmas wishes come true!!

My heart is sparkling and shining right now. This is my best Christmas. Ever

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