Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After

Christmas has come and gone this year. All is well. All is bright. And it looks like it just may stay that way.

Two Christmases in a row have been a time-of-great-loss within our family. Then the year that followed was tinged with sadness, illness, loss and life simply felt unstable for so many I know.

I hated the idea of making plans for Christmas this year. I simply wanted to be home. I wanted to be available to go with the flow, as I have been the past few years. 

The flow of life didn't take me too far but it took me where I most wanted to be.

I enjoyed the quiet of Christmas morning with our cats while I waited for my Youngest Son to wake up:

Senior Cat snuggled up on my knee, while Junior guards the gift awaiting my Youngest Son
I had (what felt like) all the time in the world to do what I wanted to do. I talked with my uncle and passed along a positive good-news message to my family.

My Youngest and I went out to my Second Son & His Girlfriend's new farm home. Their farm is presently accessorized with two dogs, a cat, three guinea hens and fourteen (two week old) chicks. It truly feels like home. Such a gift for two hard-working people who have waited so long and devoted so many years, dollars and sweat equity into their dream.

We had a leisurely visit, enjoyed a most excellent meal, good company, laughter and a very low key but meaningful exchange of gifts. 

It was a day with no fuss, no muss but it was deep and meaningful in all the ways that matter.

All of us were where we 'most wanted to be'. We are a quiet little family with quiet little traditions we know and enjoy. My Oldest Son enjoys being in far off and exotic places over the holidays. And that was exactly where he was. 

The sun shone down upon our holiday season this year. 

Everyone was happy, healthy, safe and sound. We received everything money can't buy for Christmas this year. 

I simply could not ask for more.

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