Monday, January 19, 2015

Diving Back In

I woke up in the middle of the morning (aka: sometime in the twilight zone before my alarm went off), and had no idea what day it was.

This story usually has a better ending because it was akin to how I usually feel when I wake up on a Saturday morning. The week is behind me and I'm anticipating my weekend.

This time, the week was behind me alright. Except I had worked through the weekend and I woke up to a Monday, of all days!

I have been very spoiled lately. I haven't had to work off-site (go to my bookkeeping job) for three weeks. It has been marvelous.

I have had more energy, time to read, time to do what I want and not be ruled by a week-that-never-ends.

I dragged myself out of the house both mornings and the moment I stepped out of the house and into the car, I was fine.

I like my bookkeeping job. I really do. I like who I work for. I enjoy the challenge of 'balancing to zero', learning the ropes and expanding my horizons.

I like that I come home and I still have an entire evening to myself.

I like everything about it. Except for the fact that I really, really like weekends too.

I brought home a bucket full of work with me. This has guaranteed me one day off next weekend, at the expense of squeezing the job into my week.

This shouldn't be a problem but I sometimes make it into one.

I am a creature of habit.

I write in the morning. I wind down at night. My days are kid-filled so it is a rare thing to accomplish something during the day. How will I fit in this into my quiet little life?

It is really not an issue unless I make it into one. The mere thought of accomplishing one small task at home buying me one day off next weekend should be enough to spur me into action.

I walked away from this for a few minutes and returned with a renewed perspective.

Lately I have been wondering why I am not more concerned about the fluctuations in my daycare income. I have a time-of-great-change coming within my daycare world and I am not feeling panicked. Why?

Perhaps the reason 'why' can be answered in three words: "Other income sources"

My other income sources don't pay the bills. But they provide security, a back-up source of revenue and room to breathe within my financial state of affairs.

I've dipped my fingers into several different 'pools' and even though I feel a little water-logged from time to time, it keeps me afloat.

I've been buoyed up for an enjoyable spell. It's hard to dive back into the water after enjoying a peaceful ride on a raft.

I'm glad I gazed up and enjoyed every moment while it lasted. It could be time to start treading water again.

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