Friday, January 30, 2015

Is it the Weekend Yet?

I woke up with the overwhelming need for it to be Saturday this morning.

I have no idea if that is because I woke up at 1:00 a.m., with the pressing need to run and check my emails and Facebook (while I was sitting there, wide awake). This was followed by the inability to wake up and pull myself out of a nightmarish dream sometime within the next few hours. When my alarm finally went off, I was dreaming that I was exercising (of all things!).

The week has exhausted me.

I have no idea if it is because I had too much to do or not enough. I tend to do better when I am over-committed. You don't have a choice. You just go. And do. And get things done. When you don't have enough to do, everything becomes big. Washing my hair was one of my biggest chores. I should have done it sooner. Clean hair energizes me. Perhaps my hair has superpowers?

After-hours bookkeeping seemed to drain me.

Bringing home 'homework' was hard. Getting it done was harder. I don't know why it becomes so big when I take it out of its surroundings and into my home. When I work away from home, I have absolutely no distractions. At home, I find nothing but distractions. When I am getting paid to do a job, I tend to think I need to have uninterrupted time. Which rarely happens in the confines of my life-at-home. In the end, it took me four hours to complete the task at hand. It took me eleven days to do four hours worth of work. Perhaps I should have washed my hair sooner ...

I've rediscovered my work with 'little people' is something I rather enjoy.

This past while, we have had many more good daycare-days than bad. In fact the moments that I used to call 'bad' pass so quickly that I now see them as nothing more than a learning curve or a wake-up call that we need to change what we are doing when it stops working.

I have had the same 'family of three' for a year now. They have grown from one and two year olds, to two and three year olds. One year olds? Are hard. Two year olds? Are so much easier. Three year olds? I almost want to sit down and have coffee with them, they seem so 'mature' (not really, but you get my drift).

I work with great parents who are so very easy to like. One of my moms wrote me an email this week, telling me that they consider me family. Her words were a gift.

My job isn't always easy. It isn't always rewarding. It isn't even all that stimulating. But when I look back at where we were a year ago and see the little 'family' that come to play each and every day and how much they have grown, learned and evolved ... I must admit my heart swells with pride. I know it is wrong to be proud, but how can you help it when you see little two and three year olds treating each other with kindness, learning to co-operate among themselves and sprinkling their day with manners without any prodding or reminding?

I am so incredibly blessed to be living this quiet little life of mine. Within the safety and security of my home, I am earning a living. I am doing what I want to do. I am making enough money to pay the bills and afford the odd extravagance. I honestly could not ask for more.

Except perhaps, three day weekends.

My day just drove up into my driveway and this little post about nothing must come to an end.

The week is almost over and (apparently) so are my deep thoughts. Time to coast through our Friday!

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