Saturday, February 21, 2015

Digging My Way Out

I think I'm digging my way out of 'winter'.

Literally, I got to 'play in the snow' a few times yesterday as it snowed all day. It was light and fluffy snow. Good snow to shovel (if you must shovel snow). It gave me an excuse to be outside.

Taking my daycare family outside is always a good reason to be outside but I find the time goes much quicker if I am busy doing something. It was a win-win situation. So we went out. Twice. It was a perfect way to wind up the day and the week.

As much as the snow keeps falling outside, I have another spot inside that seems to need constant tending.

It is the desk located in our kitchen.

During my intense book-assembling days, the desk was piled up with papers, information, letters and to-do lists.

The moment the book was finished, our family reunion took over that spot. Files, spreadsheets, lists and things to follow-up on filled the spot where our family book project used to live.

From there, I catapulted (almost) immediately into Christmas projects, letters and (more) lists of the to-do variety.

I honestly thought the only file to take up residence in that spot after Christmas would be our Vegas trip. I started psyching myself up for that and played the "One Month From Today" game...

That game was intercepted by Real Life. Worries about the health of family swept that Vegas file right off that desk. Instead, I started 'Googling' and phoning and questioning.

I printed off some information. I kept notes and phone numbers. Little scraps of paper held significant information. Lots of little 'scraps' can really pile up on a person. Those worries and concerns took up a lot more 'space' than my fun-filled book project/reunion planning/Christmas all added together.

Then the Date of Reckoning passed and we were given the green light to go and enjoy our Las Vegas weekend.

I brought out that skinny little Vegas folder and had fun with it.

I came home from our quick trip to Las Vegas and filled that little folder with bits and pieces from our little winter getaway until it bulged.

All that was left on that desk were some addressed and stamped envelopes to send to those-who-have-been-weighing-heavy-on-my-mind.

I wrote three letters/notes and mailed them off. I filed away my 'Vegas' folder. All that is left on that desk in my kitchen is an envelope containing a necklace my aunt forgot at Mom's when we were out at Christmas.

I will be driving past her house as I go to (and come home from) my bookkeeping job today.

Yes, that pesky weekend job that I often complain about (yet thoroughly enjoy) is my only commitment today.

I was so excited to wake up at home, in my own bed with my regularly scheduled outside-of-my-home employment awaiting me this morning.

Waking up to a small piece of 'normal' feels extraordinary today. What even made the day better is that our sickly Senior Cat came and joined me while I slept in and I got to enjoy his presence before I took even one step into the day. His labored purr hurts my heart but I was so grateful he shared it with me this morning.

There has been so much going on, within this head of mine lately, that waking up to a quiet, calm house with a purring cat was the absolutely best way to start this weekend-at-home.

I am exactly where I want to be.

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