Saturday, March 28, 2015

Keep it Simple

I think I found an alternate way of living if the whole Bed & Breakfast thing never comes to fruition. Living in a "Tiny Home" looks like a perfect alternative.

I can see it now. If my life ever evolves to two-day weekends again, I could set up a Tiny Home on the Prairie somewhere, nestled in some place close to my roots. Wouldn't it be nice to live back on our family's home place?

I would move only the necessities of living out into that little weekend oasis and discover how much I could live without.

The simpler, the better.

I think the weight of owning, maintaining, replacing and eventually discarding too many material belongings is weighing me down.

I love this statement:

It is truly remarkable how little I actually need to be content. I’ve been testing the boundaries of this, and have found for myself, the more that I own and the more that I want, the more burdened I feel. The conscious choice to live with less, for myself, is akin to freedom.” ~ Natalie Pollard (

Of all the House Hunters episodes I have watched, it is the episodes on "Tiny Homes" that peeked my interest the most.

I want to live a simple life, close to my roots and disconnect from the addictions of television and the internet.

It is a life my son and girlfriend are presently living, in a "Small Home" about 45 minutes out of the city and somewhat centrally located between several small towns.

They don't have satellite television or an internet connection. They live simply and it sounds as though my son is very much enjoying "keeping things simple" which is necessary due to the small square footage of their home.

Life feels so very heavy right now. Half of that weight is in the excess I must cull from our home. Maybe the key to deciding what I can live without, is in thinking "tiny".

I may need to hold onto whatever is required to run my daycare in the present moment, but that doesn't need to infect all other areas of our home.

Keep it simple. Within my heart, my home and my happiness. The best things in life aren't "things"...

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