Thursday, March 26, 2015

More of the Same. Please??

Okay world, STOP IT!!

Stop changing! Please?

I am a girl who loves her ruts. I would purchase my shoes, jeans, pajamas, under-things, purses, strollers, cardigans and my most favorite tops in bulk if I could afford it.

Each and every time "one of the above" wears out, I run to the store to see if I can find its clone to replace it.

Last week, I noticed a few of those items needed replacing.

My bunion is wearing a hole in my only shoes that fit and our double stroller has blown a tire.

I went to Walmart to find some replacement shoes. Nothing. I couldn't find "my" shoes anywhere on the shelves.

I started to hyperventilate.

I searched Google the following day and could find my shoes, but not in the wide size. I took a long, deep breath and convinced myself I could manage with my holey shoes. Summer and sandal season is coming.

Then I started searching for a replacement double umbrella stroller. I searched high, I searched low. I looked online, I phoned, I checked the stores I knew to check. New, used, anything!!

Eventually I settled on this:

Instead of this (much superior choice):

I took "Buggy #1" out for its maiden voyage yesterday. It was awful!

It didn't navigate the curbs like my tried and true side-by-side version. The rear passenger couldn't see what was coming up ahead so there was much squirming. My little walker, who walks alongside the stroller tired of walking after a block (she has been known to walk for miles). Perhaps it was her new rubber boots to blame. I blamed the stroller. I blamed the stroller for everything. 

Then we got home and it took a while to get my rear passenger out of his seat. All I could think of were wet, muddy, sandy shoes after playing in the park, with no where for the dirt and grime to go except in the basket directly underneath them. Then, to have to navigate those very same dirty shoes up and over and through the seat of the stroller?!

So I went on a desperate search for my tried and true side-by-side umbrella stroller. This time I searched the entire continent of North America. 

I am happy to say I found this little baby and ordered it this morning:

For a mere $45.00 USD (plus shipping costs of $52.31, plus import charges of $8.38, all in US dollars), converted to Canadian dollars, this perfect side-by-side umbrella stroller will cost me around $135. It will be worth every penny.

I returned to Walmart last night and was delighted and relieved to see they had restocked "my" shoes. I picked those up as well.

Now the only trouble I have, is I just found out that my favorite vet in the world has returned from her maternity leave and I tried to book our cat's annual check-ups and shots with her. Only she has a revised work schedule (Monday to Friday; 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and I can't make it there during her working hours.

She is an amazing doctor. I trust, admire and respect her. She is one of a kind and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

If I can buy a cheap stroller from the United States and pay almost triple the asking price to have it delivered to me in Canada ... do you think I can ask for time off so I can take my cats to the best veterinarian I have ever known??

I like to know what to expect. Sometimes, we have some control over that. Sometimes we don't. After a winter of feeling like much was out of my control, can you blame a girl for wanting to control everything she can? 

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