Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend News

It was a weekend of many things.

A brand new experience. I walked into a brand new door, not knowing one soul and felt sixteen again.

Then I blinked and realized I was the oldest person in the room. But at that moment, I think I felt like the youngest.

"This is what I need to do" I thought to myself. I need to scare myself silly and do hard things. This is the way to stay young!

Then I walked out the door and thought "I am not really inspired enough to return ..."

I woke up the next morning and had a stomach flu that came out of absolutely nowhere.

The only person I know, who has been sick lives 500 km away and I just talked with her on the phone for a few minutes the day prior.

Darn phone lines! Who knew you could catch a flu over the phone?!

I suppose feeling badly gave me the excuse I needed to sleep for a day. That is what I did. Then I slept the entire night following. And it was good.

Which gave me one day to do all I had planned to do all weekend. And surprise of all surprises, I did what I set out to do.

Income taxes for "four" are all done, except for the final once-over before I call the job complete.

I washed the living room blinds and windows. I washed the screen door windows. I washed the outside of the kitchen window.

Then I cleaned under the fridge, to complete the survey of how many cat food pellets my Super Cat, Wayne Gretzky scored under the fridge. Final tally? Stove - 19; Fridge - 6. The stove wins. Yay!!

This was followed by a quick grocery run and picking up supper to finish off the night.

Groceries were easy. Supper? I should have cooked.

I now a souvenir from A & W. When I read the sign they did not have French fries, nor did it appear that they were taking take-out orders via their intercom, with signage posted all over it, I backed out of the drive thru. Unsuccessfully, I might add.


It sounded awful. I couldn't look. But I could drive.

I drove home and tentatively took a step out of the drive's door to see how much damage I had done. Amazingly enough, nothing appears to be bent. I do have a fair little bit of bright orange paint on the driver's front fender though.

Full of relief, I came inside, unloaded and unpacked the groceries and heroically set off to hunt down some supper despite my first near catastrophe.

I survived the weekend. And so did our car. I did very little, then I did quite a lot. I guess that equals success on some level.

Why do I not feel ready for a Monday then?

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