Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mondays are Hard (are Tuesdays any better?)

I hope the hardest day of the week is behind me.

10 hours of "children" + 3-1/2 hours at my "bookkeeping" job + 45 minutes of travel time = 1 very long day.

I wasn't really my best self yesterday morning and I could have cried when I saw the clock tick past 9:00 p.m. last night and I was still at work and twenty three minutes away from home.

I can do hard things, if I am within the confines of my home. Take me away from my safe place and all bets are off.

Two of four of my daycare family were exhausted and very hard to deal with yesterday. I had a mini-emotional breakdown (thoughts of Andre wafted through my mind and reminded me of the parallels between him and my mom and I crumbled) moments before my first family walked in the door. It was not a winning combination.

We managed.

We went for a walk and saw "Santa Claus" back out of someone's driveway in his car. Then a few steps later, my little daycare daughter said "I hear jingle bells!" (wind chimes).

A little magic worked its way into our day and got us through one minute at a time.

The day could have been a little more magical. I was less than perfect within my role of daycare provider but I just kept doing my best.

Thankfully everyone closed their eyes at the same time. And slept.

That magical hour is my booster juice. It gets me through.

Add a blue sky and sunshine and I've got enough ammunition to get through our ten hour day.

It was the 4-1/4 hours to, from and at my out-of-home work place that did me in. That is my kryptonite.

I endured Monday. Tuesday will be easier. Right??

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