Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thank You, Road Crews Everywhere!

I like when life hands you an unexpected lesson out of the blue. I received one of those gifts yesterday.

Our snowfall from two days ago was still quite evident yesterday.

Sunday morning
Monday morning
Monday morning
It was gorgeous outside yesterday afternoon and I needed to get my little daycare family out but had no idea what we could do. It was hot and melting. You needed snow gear on your bottom half and a T-shirt for your top half.

Bringing bikes out, onto the driveway was our best option except the snow was still not melted. I had no intention on shovelling that snow again - I had planned on letting Mother Nature take care of that last blast of snow! 

They couldn't drive on top of it - it was too water laden and unfortunately there was still too much snow.

Monday afternoon
I shovelled around the perimeter so they could ride around the snow but that was too restrictive and they were still getting stuck so I started whittling away at shovelling the snow which was in the middle of their raceway. 

It took forever and I had some very impatient and uncourteous drivers as I toiled away at the task. "Col ee ee ee ee n! You are in the way!!" "Col ee ee ee ee n! You are going too slow!

Drivers abandoned their bikes on the road, leaving the snow removal crew to clear the road of vehicles and clear the road. 

I certainly gained some respect for road crews everywhere. They are working to make our roads better and safer, yet as the person travelling the road, how many times have I thought the same thoughts as the kids "You are in my way and going too slow!"?

We are heading into the summer season of road construction and before long traffic delays, lane closures and speed restrictions will be in full force. Drivers everywhere will be thinking much the same as my little bike drivers yesterday.

Our road crews are working to make our roads safer, wider, fixing pot holes, building bridges and double lanes. They work all summer so we can have our roads in the best shape possible for our inevitable long, cold, icy winters.

Slow down, be grateful, smile and wave at those who are working so hard to keep us safe and moving efficiently.

How would you feel, if you were the one working tirelessly repairing, rebuilding and rerouting those roads and people were driving around you, thinking of nothing but their own immediate needs as they are running late and frustrated due to delays?

Leave a little extra time as you make your way through the summer. You may run across a road crew making your roads better for another day.

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