Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Twilight Hours

My thoughts are jumping all over my brain this morning. I have no idea if I can catch one and sit still with it or if the words which follow will be as scattered as I feel.

It feels good to wake up with an excess of words, thoughts and (dare I say it!?) energy. I'm still not quite hopping out of bed with my alarm but the sun is waking up much earlier these days and one day soon it will be wide awake before my alarm sounds.

As I googled the question "What time the sun is sunrise?", I discovered the word which describes what I have been waking up to these days. "Twilight"

It is the time of morning I think I may like the best. The sky is lightening and showing the potential of the day yet to come.

The sun is not yet fully in view but you know daylight is coming.

How many things do we really know within our world these days? Some days it is not enough. Other days it is too much. Even when we think we know what is in store, how many times are we proven wrong?

There is one thing we can count on. And that is the fact that the sun will rise and set each and every day.

The twilight hours.

The day has not yet begun. My home and the world around me is still quiet. I love sitting still and listening to the quiet sounds within our home that get lost throughout the day.

The twilight hours seem to be the hours where I can hear my own voice.

Perhaps that is why winter has become increasingly hard to bear over the course of time. The twilight hours do not correlate with the time I must wake up and do what has to be done before my work day begins.

Maybe it is the reason my need for weekends has become increasingly necessary. There is a little bit of time to savor the quiet before real life happens.

I have found "real life" to be unbearably intrusive these days. I like to invite it in on my terms but it is a rather rude guest. It simply shows up on my doorstep and invites itself in.

I am starting to find my strength again. I am doing "hard things" on a more regular basis and my stamina is increasing.

The definition of "hard things" changes from day to day but most of those things lately have been doing only what is necessary.

A culmination of so very many things has all come together and brought me back to the place I most enjoy. I feel that I am on the cusp of grasping onto the euphoria of life and holding on for dear life as I enjoy the ride.

I don't know what lies in store but I do know the increase in daylight hours is helping. I feel I am sitting still in my very own "twilight hours". Life is full of potential. It is up to me to seek out and discover what I invite into my world.

a time of pause when nature changes her guard. 
All living things would fade and die from too much light or too much dark, 
if twilight were not.
~ Howard Thurman

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